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A decision that was inevitable

November 20, 2009

I think I’ve seen the writing on the wall for a while now.  I think I’ve know for a while that I would become a vegetarian at some point. 

Perhaps it could be some of these reasons:

  • I eat mostly vegetarian meals and have for quite some time. 
  • Besides a few dishes of meat that I did crave, most meat just didn’t taste good anymore.

 I think the most compelling reason was this:

  • A truck that I see almost daily with pigs in it, pulling up to a red light at the exit to the turnpike and seeing those cute pig snouts coming out of the holes in the truck, the blue lines painted on the pigs (I’m assuming that means those pigs were ready to go to the slaughter houses) and having such an incredible urge to free those pigs. 

Of course pigs running around a road with lots of cars, is not such a good thing either. 

Then on November 8th,  my hubby came to take me to lunch.  We went to Chipoltle and then stopped at the bookstore.  I commented to him that I just couldn’t understand why I picked up the new book by Alicia Silverstone called “The Kind Diet”. 

This book really spoke to me in a way that other books haven’t.  Sure I knew in the back of my heart that I was moving in this direction, but Alicia has a really kind way about her that shines through in this book.  I think this book really speaks to those who are on the fence or who were looking for someone to explain it in a non judgmental way.  She never makes you feel bad that your a meat eater and I love that she encourages flirting with eating more vegetarian/vegan foods.   It’s not preachy and I really appreciate that.   That was the last day I had meat.  It’s now been 11 days since I went meat-free.  I haven’t missed out on anything and I’ve had some incredible meals since.  The key to feeling satisfied is to eat plenty of plant protein as well as protein from whole grains.